When Shameful Shifts To Downright Desperate

The last few days have left Malaysia’s ‘problematic’ prime minister with few secrets over how he rates his chances in the coming election.  Were he to play fair in a clean contest against the re-energised opposition, he plainly reckons he has no chance of winning.

There can be no other reason behind his ditching of the basic rule book and embarking on a series of breath-taking and blatant exercises in cheating.  Malaysians have been left outraged, but enlighted also.

They have now realised that Najib is not just shameless, he is also desperate.

Sarawak Report need not list the violations, since they have been on everybody’s lips. No other PM facing an election has felt the need to stoop so low.  However, they include railroading though a gerrymander that would enable him to win more seats with just 16% of the vote (as long as BN’s traditional supporters remain); suspending one of the main opposition parties the day after calling the election; banning the opposition coalition; banning the face of his main opponent from posters and publicity; changing polling day to the middle of the week (on the basis a low turnout is said to favour BN) and reducing the campaign period to an unprecedented and ridiculous 11 days, so that he can unleash a blitz of controlled propaganda and the usual handouts of stolen public money and then rush to the polls.

Of course, thanks to another new law, bulldozed through in the past few days, all of the above remarks can now be categorised as “Fake News”, along with any factual criticism of the government, subject to a six year jail term.  That law comes into operation this very day, so let’s see who gets arrested and who decides what is “Fake” and what is not.

The logic of all this shameless behaviour on the part of those in the Putrajaya bunker, is that come their manufactured ‘victory’ off the back of this litany of abuses, history can be re-written – by themselves.  There will be tearful victory parties planned, where the would-be election snatchers will congratulate themselves and thank a fictitious ‘majority’ of Malaysians for their ‘vote of confidence’.

Most crucially, Najib will declare himself ‘vindicated’ in the eyes of his people and before the world. He will crow that the ‘overwhelming support’ of the electorate has exonerated him and his wife and sons of their obvious crimes and their gargantuan thefts of public money.

Malaysians, he will claim, have shown they don’t care a fig that the man with the key to all the public financies, who has been splashing mysterious cash like rainwater throughout the campaign, is a known super-thief and blatant liar.  And if Malaysians allegedly don’t care what rights do critics have to criticise him?

He will claim that he, together with his wife, has been given a status above the law to steal what ever they like, cover up any crime they want and generally to treat the country as if they owned it.

This is how he reckons his desperate gamble will pay out.  Once he has validated himself through an election win, he will be able to set himself up to be untouchable.  From then on it will become impossible to dislodge him and all his critics will join Anwar in jail – because, of course, he will find a way to prevent Anwar from ever getting out.

However, by showing himself to be so desperate, by adopting such extreme tactics and by abandoning all normal precedents to force through a ‘win’, Najib is also revealing to everyone around just how dangerous a prospect he represents.  He is a man who needs to end the rule of law, just so that he can keep out of jail.  And, as everyone can see,  when a desperate criminal grabs the reins of power, the country faces serious peril.

It is this that makes his entire present strategy extremely risky, because it could still backfire and disgust even the most solid supporters of his party.  Years of traditional loyalty to BN may simply melt away.

Whatever the stolen money he distributes, whatever the threats to public servants and whatever the obstacles to the opposition, ordinary people are beginning to recognise the danger of voting back Najib.

And they have an alternative that is palatable still.  Mahathir may have been forced under another banner, but he can still fight this election.  BN voters, during these unprecedented and unnerving times, may well choose to put their trust instead in the tried and tested former BN team that successfully managed the country without great scandal for many years.  People driven by Najib from the party he now leads.

After all, who gets on a plane or ship where the crew has admitted there is a ‘problematic skipper’ if there is a known safe alternative?

This is why Najib’s ruthless, desperate and illegal attempts to snatch this election by any means may work against him further, by convincing even more people to return to a safe pair of hands and to ditch Malaysia’s Bonnie & Clyde duo once and for all.

A Huge Thank You To Our Wonderful Supporters Over PAS vs Sarawak Report

Sarawak Report wants to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed with amazing generosity and support towards financing our defence of the legal action brought by the PAS Islamic Party President, Hadi Awang, who has sued Sarawak Report for saying that many believe that the new apparent alliance between PAS and UMNO owes considerably to Najib directing funds into the upper echelons of his party.

As the evidence accumulates we are standing firm against his denial of our right to report this matter, so that he can make his case before a British court, despite the months of villification, intimidation and overt government backing that has been designed to pressure and intimidate this site and our witnesses.

We need your support to help meet the bills created by Hadi’s decision to fight this costly legal action and we are, thanks to that support, powering towards our target with a third of the money raised within just four days of our 3o day window.  Please pass this message and this link on to your friends and ask them to match your own wonderful contributions.

Also, nightbirds can join us on Saturday evening London time for the live stream of the panel discussion “Is Democracy in Danger?” – alternatively later on youtube, courtesy of the Monsoon Bookclub.  Watch their space!

A Huge Thank You To Our Wonderful Supporters Over PAS vs Sarawak Report

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“Shameless!” is the title given to a popular TV show where grafters, who live off society instead of earning a resposible living, are exposed to an audience that gasps in amused outrage at their bare-faced, blatant dishonesty and deceit.

Fortunately, these characters are supposed to represent the lowest of the low and not the country’s top decision makers and international representatives.  However, for mortified Malaysians it is their own PM who is currently making the same sort of spectacle of himself, as he openly exhibits every possible shameless manoeuvre to bribe voters and bend and abuse the rules to retain power.

Witness this weekend, how at a giant stadium hosting a fancy, colour-cordinated staged event, costing millions of ringgit, to launch their manifesto, the PM told the thousands bussed in as camera-fodder that there would be a doubling of BRIM payments – for the two months just before the election.

That act of dubious legality (given it took place after the dissolution of Parliament) formed the PR centrepiece of Najib’s “Manifesto” and BN expect voters to thank them by giving this kleptocrat the keys to the Treasury for another five years.  Shameless!


Expensive stage shows – BN’s “rockstar” line up of ageing kleptocrats

It’s nothing new, of course.  This is the politician who was caught openly on the hustings bribing Sarawak voters with a promised handout of public money – but only if and after his by-election candidate had been voted in.

“You help me and I will help you… I keep my promises!” was the slogan he employed on that occasion, as he set out his proposal for a mass bribe, designed to corrupt an entire community. Utterly shameless already in 2010.

Indeed, Najib has behaved like this for so long, dishing out money in all directions, that he clearly believes he has proved a point, which is that the entire country has been corrupted by the political party which he represents.  Big bribes for the high ups and smaller bribes for the lowly: “Cash is King” was how he allegedly expressed his logic to Dr Mahathir.

So, for the cheap dedak, we have already seen the bags of rice emerge, emblazoned with the pictures of the various BN candidates who are hoping to receive grateful votes in return. Shameless!


In return for your vote!

Those voters should demand these kind gentlemen account for the money that bought these bags of rice – last election it was 1MDB stolen cash, handed out in vast cheques by Najib to UMNO HQ.  In other words voters were being told to be grateful to recieve back a small part of their own stolen money and hand power back to BN in return.

It seems that Najib really thinks he can treat Malaysians like protitutes from Port Dickson, handing them an extra tip before he demands the favour.  Since that is what he plainly thinks of his own people, the rest of the world are left to watch and see if he is right.

Gift From A ‘Burgeoning Economy’

Of course, Najib did pluck out an excuse for his oh-so-convenient hand-out announcement, straight after he had disolved Parliament and on the eve of the election.  His claim was that it was made possible thanks to Malaysia’s brilliant growth figures, owing to his amazing stewardship of the economy.

The trouble is that who can any more believe a word the government or Najib says (if they ever did) or indeed any of the figures published under his management of the Ministry of Finance?

The man has been proven such an out and out liar so many times over the past years, as he has wriggled to cover up scandal after scandal of his own making, that he has been forced to pass a law that commands Malaysians to repeat obvious lies propagated by the government and forbids them from repeating concrete facts recognised the world over.

Dashed through the pre-election parliament in a fashion denounced by the United Nations and NGOs across the globe, Najib has dubbed his order a law against ‘Fake News’.  Sadly, the Fake News comprises the ludicrous lies and propaganda he has been pumping out to cover up his misdemeanors and not the obvious truths that Malaysians are now banned from publishing or passing on to friends.

For example, the fact that Najib’s step-son Riza just paid a $60 million fine to the US DOJ, as a plain admission that the money had been stolen, as claimed by the DOJ, from 1MDB, is now categorised ‘Fake News’.  So is the fact that the FBI just seized a super-yacht in Bali and have been granted custody of it by the US courts on the grounds that Jho Low bought it using stolen 1MDB cash.

Both these facts are being categorised as ‘Fake News’, because Najib’s BN government spokesmen have declared no money was stolen from 1MDB and they have denied Jho Low was the owner of the yacht (even though the porky tycoon openly contested the confication in a US court last month).

With a government that is prepared to enforce such a tissue of ludicrous lies Sarawak Report considers every announcement to be unfortunately suspect, including the supposedly burgeoning economic figures that are being bandied about and the supposed ‘bouncing back’ of the ringgit announced by Najib’s recently appointed Governor of the Bank Negara.

Sarawak Report would feel safer in giving credence in the long-standing former Deputy of the Bank, who recently retired in protest at being asked to do things he regarded as shocking and unprofessional.  Since, given Najib’s track record, we have little doubt that massaging economic figures and artificially pumping the ringgit would rate as small beer in his apparent quest to mug Malaysians of all their cash.

Certainly, it is plain as daylight that there is nothing, repeat nothing, this PM would be prepared to stop at in order to achieve this re-election and secure his position against prosecution for a litany of crimes that now loom over the man, who appeares to consider that high office offers total immunity from any kind of prosecution for any kind of crime: cover-up of murder, perversion of justice, false imprisonment, massive theft – you name it.

Such Shameless and blatant manoeuvres have just in the past few days included the ramming through of an outrageous gerrymandering of seats designed to retain BN in power with as little as 16.5% of the popular vote.  He did that thanks to an existing gerrymandered majority of seats, despite his loss of the popular vote. UMNO has taken good care over the years to make sure it controle the ‘independent’ Election Commission. Shameless!


Infuriated netizens have circulated this series of pictures showing the alleged cosy relationship between Najib and the Director of the Register of Societies, seen here enjoying a dinner together with Sabah party boy and fellow Kleptocrat, Musa Aman

Not content with merely rigging the seats, of course, the cornered PM has sought to bolster his position even further, by the simple act of vetoing the opposition!  Thanks to a helpful last minute ruling by the Register of Societies, who simply declared the day after Parliament was disolved that the main Malay opposition party Bersatu (led incidentally by Najib’s most formidable political opponent, Dr Mahathir himself) was no longer ‘legal’.

In other real democracies anyone can set up a political party and they can run it according to their own agreed rules amongst themselves.  But, in the phoney democracy of Malaysia, anyone who wants to set up a party has to ask permission from the government controlled Register of Societies, which operates entirely at the convenience of the ruling party itself.

This ROS is the one that decides the rules for the party and then when these are broken.  The lady who has declared Bersatu ‘illegal’ last week failed to make her reasons clear, but it was plain to all that her orders had been clear enough from the boss Najib.  Shameless!

Malaysians are now to be treated to weeks of enormously expensive posturing and grandstanding by these awful old hypocrites from Najib’s line-up of super-wealthy kleptocrats.  The TV screens and client media will be stuffed full of scenes of them handing over cheques, patting the heads of simple folk and acting holy in the mosques.

It is how Najib has fought every single election so far (including one he nearly lost, before he worked to gerrymander his own seat).  He reckons that Malays are just there to be bought and that politics is about judging the right price and nobbling the opposition, before tucking into the spoils of office – he is totally shameless in showing it!

Let’s Make Sure Hadi Gets His Date In London’s High Court

Sarawak Report has launched a CrowdJustice fundraiser to take plaintiff Hadi Awang’s case to the place he wants it, which is the High Court of London.

A date is now set for April 30th-May 2nd to hear the case.  However, Sarawak Report needs public support to make sure that PAS President Hadi Awang does indeed gain his objective.  This is because it is not just he who has to pay very expensive lawyers, but also Sarawak Report, who needs legal support to counter the action.

Please link to our CrowdJustice fundraiser site and support us if you can.

More Of Najib’s Foreign PR Contractors Caught Up In Global Black Ops!

Sarawak Report has already drawn attention to the BN government’s links to the notorious firm Cambridge Analytica and its parent company SCL Media, caught up in the scandal of Russian Facebook meddling during the American elections.

Now it has emerged that another notorious company that we also revealed had close ties to Najib, namely FBC Media, has also been drawn into the US Russia investigation over covert and illegal election tactics.

Sarawak Report exposed FBC Media (a UK company run mainly by US Directors) as long ago as 2011, when along with Anwar Ibrahim this blog became the subject of extensive dirty tricks and defamation campaigns, which turned out to have been funded to the tune of tens of millions of dollars through the Prime Ministers Office and by then Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud.

FBC Media closed after we proved that it had made millions from breaking broadcasting rules, deceptively producing supposed news programmes, which were in fact designed to boost paying PR clients, usually governments with image problems, including Malaysia.

The UK regulator OFSTED later produced a major report into the failings of broadcasters such as the BBC, CBS and CNN that allowed themselves to carry FBC Media’s deceptive programming.  The BBC also conducted a major enquiry resulting in recommendations to prevent phony PR shows.

Black Ops and Defamation Campaigns

Today’s Guardian newspaper has now placed FBC Media, alongside Cambridge Analytica/SCL at the centre of election dirty tricks linked to the Trump campaign’s former manager Paul Manafort.

Back in 2011, shortly before we blew the whistle on the company, Paul Manafort used FBC Media to promote his key client, the Russian-leaning former Ukranian leader, Yanukovych, in his campaign to retain power.

Exactly in the same way that Najib Razak had hired the company to deliberately attack and defame Anwar Ibrahim, Manafort produced a briefing for Yanukovych detailing how FBC Media would build:

a digital content strategy with both pro-active and reactive elements aimed in the initial phase at deconstructing Yulia Tymoshenko [the opposition leader] and positively projecting Ukraine”.

Significantly, this covert operation to ‘deconstruct’ the opposition leader was to launch using material placed on the rightwing American ‘Tea Party’ website, Red State, according to the newly-released strategy document from 2011.

More Of Najib's Foreign PR Contractors Caught Up In Global Black Ops!

Christopher Baddeaux was also hired to rant and rave against Anwar Ibrahim and Sarawak Report by the owner of Red State, Josh Trevino

Red State was run by another new media strategist for hire named Josh Trevino, whom Sarawak Report also soon exposed for working covertly together with FBC Media to attack the political opponents of the company’s various international clients.

Josh Trevino, through his company, which was aptly named Rogue Strategic Communications, ran a number of websites, which carried these commissioned hatchet jobs in the guise of genuine articles supposedly expressing the genuine opinion of the right-wing, virulently pro-Israeli groups that Josh Trevino purported to support.

Another of these supposedly US oriented websites was called New Ledger, dedicated in 2010-2011 almost exclusively to defamatory articles against Anwar Ibrahim and the editor of this website.

Trevino was later sacked as a commentator for the Guardian after this website exposed that in assisting FBC, producing his various websites and writing purportedly objective opinion pieces, the blogger for hire was in fact acting as an agent for foreign interests, including Najib, without declaring the fact, as required under US law.

We reported together with the Independent newspaper that the Malaysian government had paid  FBC/Josh Trevino at least RM84 million ringgit for his vicious blogging against BN opponents.

More Of Najib's Foreign PR Contractors Caught Up In Global Black Ops!

Proud self-admission over Black Ops

The emergence of Najib’s ties to yet another of the world’s dirtiest political PR operators, just days after we exposed his links to Cambridge Analytica/ SCL, confirms a long-established pattern on the part of the present Prime Minister, who appears to be addicted to investing in highly expensive Black Ops PR and foreign media advisors.

His current Communications Head, Paul Stadlen, used to be the KL station head for APCO, the American/Israeli PR company that he was forced to sack after it emerged that he was paying millions of dollars also for its promotional campaigns.

Black Ops employed against Sarawak Report have included the use of false Twitter and Facebook accounts to promote attack articles and You Tube films via sponsored content campaigns.  Specially commissioned attack websites and so-called sock puppets to sneak in and alter Wikipedia in malicious ways were also all used by Najib’s paid PR campaigns before emerging in the US 2016 election.

Apart from these foreign campaign strategists, Najib also openly employs thousands of paid so-called domestic “Cybertroopers’, whose official job is to troll and attack websites regarded as leaning toward the opposition.  One of the Prime Minister’s most trusted key advisors in Habibul Rahman, who is known within political circles as being the local man in charge of Najib’s Special ‘PR Black Ops’ along with other sensitive, behind the scenes strategies to target and undermine the opposition.

More Of Najib's Foreign PR Contractors Caught Up In Global Black Ops!

New media disinformation toolbox was tried out first on Sarawak Report before same tactics emerged from the same quarters during the Trump campaign

How much public money is being spent on such campaigns is currently unclear, although MACC investigation papers leaked last year to Sarawak Report have demonstrated that tens of millions of ringgit stolen from 1MDB were distributed to a swathe of online and PR operations targetted at promting BN and undermining the opposition parties.

We can look forward to seeing the products of the latest multi-million dollar strategies over the coming weeks and can rest assured, it won’t be pretty.

“Everyone Took UMNO’s Money!” PAS Youth Chief’s Alleged Admissions

Sarawak Report has submitted a 20 minute recording, recently released into the public domain by Amanah, as further evidence in its defence of the libel case brought by PAS President Hadi Awang against this website in the UK High Court.

It purports to feature senior PAS member Nik Abduh admitting the party has received millions in cash from UMNO.

Nik Abduh has called the recording a fake and PAS Secretary General has described it as a ‘waste of time’ to investigate whether the recording was of Nik Abduh or not.

However, Sarawak Report has received a complete copy of what it believes is the original version of the recording, which has been expertly transcribed and is currently being forensically tested, following extensive corroboration that the recording is genuine and the speaker was indeed the then PAS Youth Leader, Nik Abduh.

During the remarks, made to a delegation of PAS members (one of which claims to have recorded and then forwarded the speech in defiance of a threatened curse by Abduh) the then youth leader apparently makes a number of key acknowledgements, including that top echelons of PAS, including himself, have been complicit over the receipt of millions of ringgit from UMNO, in order to further the party’s political agenda.

The President of the party, Tok Guru Hadi Awang, had determined this to be acceptable, as long as the money is used for ‘Islamic Purposes”, the speaker told his listeners:

“During the Sarawak Election, people did co-operate with UMNO to defeat DAP. I am asking you not to leak this information. People did co-operate. Regarding the monetary issue, the fatwa [legal opinion] was already in place. It was apparent that Tok Guru Nik Aziz took UMNO’s money, Tok Guru Haji Hadi took UMNO’s money, I took UMNO’s money, everyone took UMNO’s money.

Among the reasons why we succeeded was with UMNO’s help. UMNO helped us to achieve victory. In 10-11 of these activities. That is us being smart. Umno is stupid. Why do people keep asking us about UMNO’s money? This issue is now over. Tok Guru Nik Aziz took a considerable amount of UMNO’s money. Not a problem? Tok Guru Harun Din, not a problem. This meeting today not a problem.

…. I have met Tok Guru Haji Hadi. Tok Guru Haji Hadi said it was good for us to take UMNO’s money. Just do whatever we want. But do not use the money for our private matters. For our personal gain. Instead, use it for Islamic purposes. That’s why we have good relations with UMNO today…

It was why Najib could accept amendments made by MT [PAS Council] members.” [TRANSLATION]

The meeting, which allegedly took place some time in late August last year, followed several days of angry debate amongst PAS leaders about the issue of receiving money, much of which had been reported publicly.

Controversial claim by Nurul Islam uploaded onto chat group

A youth leader named Nurul Islam had publicly acknowledged on a new media chat group that he had attended an occasion, where twelve people had met with Party President, Hadi Awang, in his capacity as Vice Chairman of the International Union of Islamic Scholars.

Nurul Islam had claimed in his postings that Hadi had approved the taking of money from UMNO at the gathering and claimed that other named fellow attendees could also testify that he had.

Nurul Islam later uploaded a photograph of the event as he rebutted angry responses and said that allegations that he himself had taken RM2 million were untrue.

The resulting fracas saw Hadi’s son-in-law, Zaharuddin Muhammad, wading in.  He publicly announced that the claim that Hadi had given a green light in favour of taking UMNO cash had to be untrue.

Zaharuddin said he had indeed contacted others from the group, who denied Hadi had issued any such fatwa [legal opinion] ruling that it was acceptable to take money from UMNO.

As his son-in-law, Zaharuddin wrote that he knew Hadi better than Nurul Islam did and that Hadi was very scrupulous about where he took money from.

The matter blew up further during the Parliamentary session at that time, when Zaharuddin allegedly confronted Nik Abduh, a known protagonist  of cooperation with UMNO, about the matter, an incident apparently referred to by Nik Abduh in the recording as being ‘stabbed from the front’.

Angry over the allegations – Zaharuddin Muhammad, Hadi’s son-in-law

He urged PAS ‘friends’ not to fall out with each other, but to work things out as he then went on to discuss what he said he knew to be the true situation on the matter.

The meeting at which the recording is said to have taken place, had apparently been requested after that public row by Zaharuddin, in order to discuss the matter with Abduh and reach the truth. It is understood to have taken place around late August and that Zaharuddin came to meet Abduh with a number of colleagues. Abduh is heard telling them that he will explain the truth of the situation, but there must be no recording and the matter must be kept secret between themselves:

“Actually, if you want to know how the story goes, I’ll tell you. I just want to ask you not to tell anyone else.
Yes, if you do tell, I’ll curse you so that you turn to ash. If you do, you’ll become dust.
I want to tell you the true story. Tonight, I want to reveal the truth about Ustaz Zaharuddin. I blame Ustaz Zaharuddin for the conflict. He did not back stab. He stabbed in the front.
I want to say something, I have asked you not to get into issues involving friends. It is wrong to have prejudice among friends. [TRANSLATION]

The speaker then engaged in a lengthy explanation telling his audience why he knows better than the angry son-in-law of Hadi about what is going on at the top of the party. As the son of the former Spiritual Leader he too fell out with a son-in-law, who thought he was privy to all party secrets because of the relationship.  In fact, he mocks, there are many party secrets that sons-in-law do not get told.

What he then confirms is that Nurul Islam’s statement that PAS has accepted millions of ringgit from UMNO was correct and claims there is nothing wrong with this, because the money is being used to pursue the party’s political aims and purposes.

In response to the release of the recording Nik Abduh has issued a statement to say that it is a fake and the above remarks were not made by him.  He has said the claims are all a lie.

PAS Secretary General Takiyuddin Hassan has also issued a statement saying the matter is “too trivial” for the party to launch any immediate investigations into the authenticity of the tape.  According to Berita Daily Takiyuddin said this was because the matter was concocted by PAS’s enemies:

PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan said there was no reason to investigate Nik Abduh Nik Aziz on the matter which he said had been concocted by PAS’ enemies.
He was referring to calls being made by Kelantan Amanah for PAS to investigate Nik Abduh and his supposed claims of receiving money from Umno.
“This is a trivial matter… we will still look into it but at our pace and we will not be pressured to do so by Amanah leader Husam Musa.
“It is a waste of time,” he told Berita Daily when contacted.
He downplayed Husam’s eagerness for PAS to thoroughly investigate the matter, adding that PAS had no reason to probe if the voice in the audio belonged to Nik Abduh or not.

Sarawak Report believes, on the other hand, it has been passed the recording by a credible source and that several indicators corroborate that the tape is genuine and the speaker is indeed Nik Abduh.

We have therefore applied to have the new evidence added to the defence against President Hadi Awang, who has sued this website for stating that there is a widespread belief in Malaysia that Prime Minister Najib Razak has been financing PAS as part of a strategy to break the opposition alliance against UMNO.

Sarawak Report has invited PAS, Secretary General Takiyuddin Hassan and Nik Abduh to comment on this matter, but at this point none have replied to that request.

Hadi’s libel case rests on his claim that a statement by Sarawak Report made in 2016 referring to financial support of PAS by Najib would be understood to mean that he personally was accepting cash.  The first hearing of the case before a judge will take place April 30-May 2nd, at which this application to include the extra recorded evidence has also been submitted.

The court will also hear an application from Hadi Awang to strike out one of Sarawak Report’s defences, namely on the truth of the allegation and also a further application by Sarawak Report to strike out Hadi’s case on the basis that the meaning of the article is not what he claims it to be.

Sarawak Report has also applied for the case to be stayed, alleging intimidations, intereferences and abuses on behalf of the litigant against the defendant and witnesses and has counter-sued for damages in the light of those abuses.

Hadi Awang’s claim against Sarawak Report can be obtained by clicking here.

Sarawak Report’s defence and counter-claim, together with proposed amendments relating to the Nik Abduh recording, can be obtained  by clicking here.

Does This Desperado Of A PM Plan To Arrest The Entire Opposition During The Course Of This Election?

Najib is today steamrollering a bill through Parliament that is in every way incompatible with democracy and with every Malaysian’s basic freedoms, as enshrined in the constitution.

In the process, he is revealing what can only be his own blind panic about the election he has to call in a matter of days.  His polling must have terrified him, to have resorted to such desperate measures as allowing himself the power to dispatch police to haul over any opponent who criticises him at a ceramah…. or, as sinister posters now imply, to pick up any citizen, who forwards a “fake” link on his smart phone as he walks to work.

The whole point of an election is to allow different parties to present their different perspectives and solutions to the electorate, so that people can make a choice. That inevitably includes criticising the other side and it might mean the transfer of office from one group to another.

None of this is good enough for Najib, because of course, there is so much basis for believing that he is a criminal running once more for office and if he loses he will no longer be able to pervert the course of justice.  He wants to prevent his opponents from mentioning that and he wants to intimidate them from saying anything at all that undermines his desperate determination to stay in power, if only to keep himself out of jail.

To this end, the so-called Anti Fake News bill, soon to become ‘law’, having received the barest of scrutiny, will allow any police sergeant to march up to an election podium and haul down a speaker who says something he thinks may be deemed ‘untrue’ by Najib’s Attorney General.  Consider the chaos and confusion that could and without a shred of doubt will now bring.

For example, were a speaker to mention the fact that the US Department of Justice has launched a criminal investigation into 1MDB? Kapow! They could (and doubtless in some cases will) be removed from their soapbox and charged with speaking a falsehood, because Najib’s men have designated that fact to be False News.

That speaker could then be held over and charged with a ‘crime’ that could in theory land him or her with a 6 year (kindly mitigated from 10 over the weekend) jail sentence and crippling fine to hit the remaining family members with.  Such a nice fellow that Najib.

What’s more, as that series of sinister government posters around town are pointing out, anyone caught forwarding the contents of the said offending speech, say through a link or a tweet or a whatsapp chat group, could be likewise hauled off to jail for spreading ‘false news’, even though everyone knows it is actually fact.

By the end of this election campaign, therefore, the present Prime Minister should have logged enough utterances and forwarded texts and links to incarcerate at least half the inhabitants of the country (on the basis that over half disagreed and voted against him at the last election and plainly consider him a crook) should he or compliant police officers choose to do so.

Should anyone be of the opinion that the yacht just seized in Indonesia by the FBI belonged to Jho Low and was bought with money stolen from 1MDB, given that the world media and US DOJ have reported this to be the case?

Say it or tweet it and from now on you could be arrested, because Najib and his oaf Communications Minister have declared it to be ‘Fake News’.

Of course, Najib’s ‘Fake News’ law is just the sort of legislation you would expect to see in all sorts of totalitarian dictatorships run by strongmen around the globe. However, such nonsense legislation designed to subjugate an entire population simply cannot go hand in hand with democracy. How can you have a genuine election where criticism is banned?

What is of real concern and a test for Malaysia’s whole future is whether Najib, who is acting like a cornered rat over this election, will get away with this attempt at mass intimidation and crazy, chaos inducing legislation?

Will he succeed in frightening Malaysians and their leaders to surrender up their principles and rights and stay silent about all the matters which embarrass him during this campaign?

Will a list of non-words and phrases (Altantuya, Scorpene, French Courts, Swiss AG, 1MDB, DOJ, Sirul, C4, Anwar, Kevin Morais, Hussein Najadi, Jho Low, PI Bala, vote buying, political bribes …..) be issued to guide speakers and smart phone users away from the subjects that must not be mentioned?


Does This Desperado Of A PM Plan To Arrest The Entire Opposition During The Course Of This Election?

Downright sinister – how Najib seeks to demonise anyone who dares suggest that it is HE who is maybe lying, for example about 1MDB/Scorpene/Altantuya..

If the population and its leaders allow Najib to get away with this outrageous and nonsensical attack on truth in the name of truth, their reward will be to indeed join that sorry group of nations, where folk live under the strong arm dictatorship of greedy and rapacious individuals, who together with their family and cronies employ the powers of governance to suck their countries dry.

Najib and his wife Rosmah will for themselves give an immense sigh of relief if they can get away with this desperate ploy. The stakes for them could not be higher. Success will bring them power for life; inherited office for young Norashman and little Riza and, of course, unlimited access to cash from the likes of EPF and PNB, which presently remain fairly tricky to openly thieve from.

Whereas failure to successfully enforce this nonsense measure, in the face of a population that is determined to stick to being allowed to say what they think to be true, would result in a return to the rule of law in Malaysia, which is a prospect that couple have very good reason to fear mightily in many ways.

Najib’s unconstitutional law, when it finally gets to be tested by the courts can only be rejected, like his other desperate violations, such as SOSMA.  However,  to him the ultimate unconstitutionality of his silly law doesn’t matter, because the entire measure is only for the here and now, to scare everyone into silence over the coming election weeks.

Malaysians ought not allow him and his intemperate wife and shrinking clique of jumped up courtiers to intimidate a nation. The only way to manage the Fake News law over the next few weeks is to drown out Najib and his henchmen on every corner and in every tweet, so that his bewildered Fake News enforcers will be running round in circles trying to swat the truth in all directions.

Najib cannot make this desperate Fake News gambit work, unless his apparent disdain for his own people, whom he apparently believes to be gutless enough to accept this removal of their rights, proves justified.

Don’t let him get away with this desperate measure. Let 30 million voices speak the truth instead.

End The Shame!

As an outraged yellow crowd of protestors rallied outside the Parliament today, the rest of the world was waking up to Najib’s shameless display of unabashed and blatant vote-rigging.

One veteran Malaysia-watcher in the UK Parliament, Ann Clywd MP (who exploded the Arms for Aid scandal involving Najib when Minister of Defence), immediately submitted the following three questions, tabled this afternoon:

Rt Hon Ann Clwyd MP has tabled the following written questions today:

– To ask the Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office what assessment he has made of the political situation in Malaysia in the run-up to general elections this year.
– To ask the Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office whether his Department has made an assessment of the impacts of proposed electoral boundary changes in Malaysia.
– To ask the Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office whether he or his officials have made or will make representations to his counterparts in Malaysia about the possible negative impacts of proposed legislation to criminalise “fake news”.

The additional, shocking attempt to exploit the ‘Fake News’ agenda of President Trump to clamp down on criticism over his own notorious corruption will certainly not escape the growing international attention gathering around Najib’s imminent re-election bid.

But, this Prime Minister is focused now on his domestic battle and he thinks once these measures have been secured he will have the election licked.

After all, bulldozing through an outrageous re-delineation worked well for BN in Sarawak in 2016, along with a good dose of bullying and bribing of vulnerable voters in isolated communities.  So, he reckons he can put the same tactic to work with similar effect nationwide.

End The Shame!

Mahathir and the opposition believe the blatant attempts to cheat will backfire amongst voters

But, opponents believe he has utterly misread the situation.  Maybe, they say, he has forgotten that Adenan Satem had the distinction of being a popular and still relatively untested local leader?  On the other hand, there is no one in Malaysia who hasn’t now got the measure of the thieving ‘Cover-up Couple’ of Putrajaya!


Today it was realised that the forced through changes have even re-instated the worst proposed abuses that the Electoral Commission had earlier dropped, in the face of protests that they had not been able to seriously contest.

No wonder the Prime Minister had arranged to keep the entire bill secretly under wraps until the very morning that he released it for ‘Parliamentary scrutiny’ followed by an afternoon hearing with a vote before tea-time.

Based on voting patterns for the last election, analysts reckon that the jiggery-pokery could secure a raft of no less than 7 extra seats for BN in Selangor alone.  Everyone knows how the party and their boss crave control of Selangor with its carefully tended budget surplusses of tens of billions of ringgit.

If Najib can get his hands on the keys to Selangor’s coffers he knows that he could solve no end of holes in the public finances that he and his gang of thieves have left gaping over the past few years.  It is the ultimate prize and he is thirsting for it and now, with this ‘redelineation’ he thinks he has it.

End The Shame!

Kept on the leash by police – Najib’s favourite Red Shirt thug Jamal Yunus

Najib’s good friend and close supporter, Jamal Yunus of the Red Shirt brigade, added his special brand of thuggishness to the mix meanwhile, by regretting at a press conference that the police had prevented him from beating up the peaceful rally and from kicking in the veteran politician Lim Kit Siang, who had protested the bill inside the building.

Yet, putting a bit of stick about is clearly what the Prime Minister likes to see, since he has never reprimanded or cautioned Yunus over his violent threats. To the contrary, he recently lent his presence to a ‘kindly initiative’ launched by the Red Shirt leader to hand out food to poor people during the period running up to this election.  Even the poor have votes after all.

It would therefore be appropriate if this ‘Malay Supremacist NGO’ leader would display the finances that have enabled him to extend his kind largesse. If it came out of his own earnings, then let us see it.

End The Shame!

KUALA LUMPUR 28 NOVEMBER 2017. Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak meluangkan masa bersama pengunjung Restoran Gabungan NGO 1Malaysia yang menyajikan makan tengahari percuma kepada rakyat Malaysia dari pelbagai lapisan di Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur, tengah hari tadi. NSTP/Twitter Jabatan Perdana Menteri

Fatal Flaw In BN’s GE14 Game Plans

However, at a risk of tipping Najib Razak off, there is a well-know caution for all campaigners, which is that they must always be wary of fighting the last campaign, rather than the present.

Najib has now organised matters so that if all Malaysians were to vote the same way they did in 2013 then he could now expect a handsome win.  He has long since lured PAS away from the opposition to create three cornered fights after all and now he has forensically shunted around voters so that opposition folk are all stuffed into a few seats and BN voters moved into places they can tip the balance.

He can also play around with military and other postal votes as he pleases, never mind the crazy abuses spotted across the electoral registers (eg 70 people in one family house), which invariably seem to benefit BN.

Yet, the flaw is Najib’s assumption is that all the people who voted for him last time (when he too was relatively new and was preaching reform and when the economy had yet to be pillaged into its present state) will vote for him again.

End The Shame!

Still trusted?

In 2013 people only suspected that Rosmah was a profligate woman, now they know that she and her husband have been stealing their money by the billion of dollars and that they are willing to pull every trick in the book to try and keep doing it. Are the same people really prepared to keep them both in power, merely for a bag or two of rice?

Let them think so!

Even in a democracy ordinary people don’t often have the chance to put a stop to abuses by the powerful, but voters know that elections are there specifically to deal with problems like the Kleptocratic Couple and their clique of cronies, now known to the world as the authors of the world’s biggest recorded plunder of public money, 1MDB (just the tip of the iceberg).

People who voted BN last time may go ahead and vote them back.  On the other hand, they now have the alternative to vote for the former BN Deputy Prime Minister, together with former BN Prime Minister of 20 years, who are pledged to lead the country back into a safe place together with opposition reformers who have joined hands to save the nation.

They will take their pick. It doesn’t appear to be a tough choice.

Undi Rozak

Of course, Najib dismisses any idea that the solid Malay vote would desert his party (even if it is no longer the party it once was).  Even so, he will have left nothing to chance and will have splashed millions as always on the very latest tip-top international election consultants that taxpayers’ money can buy.

And who better to dial in than the company that have claimed to have orchestrated Donald Trump’s stunning election win, in the face of all the odds, and the UK Brexit also?

SCL/Cambridge Analytica already have a special office in KL and have taken the plaudits from the successful Sarawak Campaign and Kedah, where they were contracted to employ their ‘laboratory scientific’ and ‘military grade’ techniques in order to influence unwitting voters, who didn’t even know they were hired to help BN.

Since 2015 the firm has further notoriously developed its so called ‘big data’ techniques, thanks to stealing millions and millions of people’s Facebook information.  This is what they have boasted as using to target covert political advertising presenting millions of ‘dark ads’ with different variations designed to appeal to different people, depending on their detected existing opinions – thanks to Facebook.

It is currently a major scandal in Britain and America where voters are realising how they may have been duped into voting for SCL’s clients, namely Trump and Brexit.  SCL has an office in KL and, as Sarawak Report has revealed, a shareholder is one of Prime Minister Najib’s key political allies in the UK, Lord Marland.

Malaysians should therefore probably brace themselves for just such advertisements via new media over the coming election period.

Likewise, young Malaysians should by now be in a position to see through the ‘Undi Rozak’ campaign that was suddenly launched via new media and flashed through all the newspapers at the start of the year.

Spontaneous campaigns by students, do not just pop up ready packaged, with special forums and road shows all mapped out to encourage as much of the youth vote as possible to stay at home.  Innocent, idealists are being manipulated if they think so.

After all, the youth vote was always BN’s biggest challenge and disillusionment was always the easiest way to handle it.  The big lesson learned from Trump’s campaign, it is all agreed, is that it was the lack of turn out by the Bernie Sanders student brigade that lost the Democrats their victory.

Match that with BN’s existing knowledge that their weakest area is with young voters and the advice from Cambridge Analytica’s suave team of ex-Etonian advisors was always going to be obvious.

Create a new media campaign that tells young voters not to vote and base it on disillusionment over the ‘old leaders’ of Harapan. Bingo, you have neutralised the youth vote.  Indeed, if SCL/Cambridge Analytica are not encouraging and assisting Undi Rozak they have been slouching on the job, because as BN’s advisors they ought to have been!

Speaking to a UK Parliamentary Select Committee hearing into the Facebook/Cambridge Anaylitca/SCL scandal yesterday, whistleblower Chris Wylie made the following observations about the company:

He said that SCL would help politicians win elections in African countries so it could use its influence to broker commercial deals and line their pockets.
Describing how SCL operates, Mr Wylie said: ‘You can be a colonial master in these countries…it was very much like a privatized colonial operation’
He also revealed more details about the characters behind Cambridge Analytica and SCL Group…
He said: ‘You have to remember that a lot of these people are very wealthy already….
“Going into the developing world and running a country is something that appeals to them.”  [Daily Mail]

Sarawak Report suggests that Malaysians will in fact be making up their own minds at this election, whatever Najib’s covert foreign advisors presume to tell him.  Indeed, Malaysians may lead the world and show how to go about throwing out a shameless and embarassing leader!

Najib’s Desperate Cover-Ups Are Turning Malaysia Into A Sorry Mess – ‘FAKE NEWS’ SPECIAL!

Sarawak Report must begin by warning readers that the following is soon to be determined ‘Fake News’ under Malaysian law, because it criticises Najib Razak.

Malaysians should be under no illusion that matters can get a great deal worse than they already are in their country and that under Najib they are racing downhill, as this desperate individual runs roughshod over their rights.

The present Prime Minister has transformed the government of his country into a criminal enterprise and has become trapped in the process. He has lost control and his entire management of Malaysia is now devoted to his own cover-ups and self-preservation.

Nothing good can come of that – it can only get more and more disastrous.

For a start, everything has become a lie. From official figures on the economy to statements from government controlled funds, nothing can be confidently believed, because the Prime Minister cum Finance Minister refuses to admit that he has been unmasked as a massive thief and insists on validation.

The government lies change from day to day and audience to audience.  For example, the Prime Minister has frankly admitted to BN party apparatchiks that he stole billions from 1MDB and has justified his act in terms of keeping their party in power.

Yet, in public he has told a different story. First, he said that Sarawak Report and the WSJ were lying about his bank accounts and threatened to sue.  Then a few weeks later (after replacing his Attorney General and Deputy PM) he admitted the cash, but said it had been a gift from an anonymous Arab.

The world laughed and all have noted that Najib Razak has yet to issue proceedings against anyone who has openly called him a thief and a liar.

Yet it is this government, led by a master thief and liar, that is now proposing to criminalise what it determines to be falsehoods.

Government as Organised Crime

It might seem astonishing that such a man has the brass neck to seek to return to office or that his party leaders would support him.  However, what choice do any of them now have?

Najib knows he is open to prosecution and so has carried on accumulating vast further thefts of public cash and entrenching himself to protect himself from the forms of punishment (jail) that he has proved only too happy to inflict on his political opponents time and again.

Meanwhile, his role in government has long since evolved into leadership of an organised crime operation. As a man who started young on his criminal career (accumulating mass thefts from his position in the Ministry of Defence – see the French Scorpene case) he certainly understands how to run an organised crime ring, which is an accurate definition of what Malaysia’s ruling BN party has sadly now become.

Crucially, no one from within the organisation dare challenge him, because he has managed to implicate them all, through a tainted election from which all have benefitted.

So, now it is this group of gangsters who are using their gerrymandered majority to thrust a law to criminalise ‘Fake News’!

Fake News?

The former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir has today accurately pointed out that there is no practical way to implement this desperate measure, since there is no definition given of Fake News.

Were Najib to have decreed that any form of criticism of himself as the supreme leader was now illegal, which is of course the intention of this bill, then the matter would be clear enough.  However, Najib wants to pretend that he has not in fact single-handedly destroyed the last vestiges of democracy in Malaysia in order to save himself from the consequences of his own criminal actions.

So, he plans to bully critics by threatening to determine their utterances as Fake News in a completely unstructured and arbitrary manner.  Najib’s own appointed Attorney General will of course decide what should be prosecuted as being ‘Fake’.

This was the man who waved MACC investigation papers as he claimed no evidence of wrong-doing had been found at 1MDB, whilst those very papers themselves displayed to the watching cameras the money trails of millions into Najib’s own accounts!

Najib's Desperate Cover-Ups Are Turning Malaysia Into A Sorry Mess - 'FAKE NEWS' SPECIAL!

Fake News Impressario – AG Apandi exonerated Najib and 1MDB whilst waving the proof of his own lies!

It means that those who accurately report the decisions of Singapore court cases, the statements of global banks and regulators and the court filings of the US Department of Justice with repect to 1MDB will be criminally prosecuted.

Whereas, those who claim on their Facebook pages that an anonymous Saudi Royal gave Najib a billion dollars to fight Islamic insurgency in Sarawak will escape persecution entirely.

How ‘Fake News’ is to be identified, quantified, prosecuted, proven and then punished produces mind boggling challenges that make it clear that this ‘law’ will be merely used as a blunt implement to harass people who speak the truth about corruption.

Malaysia is being turned into a country where ludicrous lies are treated as truths and solid and self-evident facts are treated as lies.  The destruction of trust and the rule of law within a community is utterly dangerous and ruinous.  It is the precursor to flagrant lawlessness, pariah status and economic disaster.

Najib has started his country along a road no one ought to want to travel.

More On Malaysia’s Mysterious Links With SCL…

As part of a lengthy over-view of the Malaysian Government’s interesting ties with SCL, the company behind the scandal-torn ‘deep data election agency’ Cambridge Analytica, Sarawak Report last week highlighted connections between the role of Brtish peer Lord Marland as a “great supporter of Malaysia” and the work of SCL, of which he is a shareholder.

Marland, a businessman and Conservative Party Treasurer and donor, whom the party nominated to be a working peer, spent a short time as a government minister and then as David Cameron’s ‘Trade Envoy’, before returning to private business.

However, as Sarawak Report has pointed out, the private company he now heads bears a title that might confuse the unitiated into thinking that he retains some form of official government role as an envoy of the Commonwealth. Marland’s Wikipedia page describes him as having become Chairman of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council Limited (CWEIC) after stepping down as Trade Envoy.

In fact, Marland incorporated CWEIC as a £2.00 limited company, of which he was a joint shareholder together with a farmer named Oliver Everett, in July 2015 shortly after leaving political office. He therefore effectively appointed himself to the official sounding role.

Yet the confusion to an extent continues, since CWEIC’s website explains that the organisation is a ‘not for profit membership organisation with a mandate from Commonwealth Heads of Government to promote intra-Commonwealth trade, investment and the role of the private sector across the 52 member countries…

The impression, therefore, is that Marland has decided to engage in a charitable role on behalf of the Commonwealth, which has been approved by Heads of Government and the Secreatariat based in the major public building, Malborough House, London.

So, is this outwardly rather strange arrangement with the Commonwealth Secretariat being conducted purely on a charitable basis or is there any danger that CWEIC’s voluntary role might play advantageously into the members’ other active business interests?

The incorporation documents of the company indeed make plain that the purpose of the company is not for profit:

“The income and property of the Company shall be applied solely towards the promotion of its objects as set out at Article 4.1. and no part of such property and income may be paid or transferred, directly or indirectly, by way of dividend bonus or otherwise howsoever by way of profit, to members of the Company”
[Article 4.1:

More On Malaysia's Mysterious Links With SCL...

Article 4.1

On the other hand, the constitution of the company goes on to make clear that such strictures do not preclude ‘reasonable remuneration’ of ‘members’ (shareholders) who are also ‘office holders’ (including presumably that of the Chairman) or indeed the coverage of expenses: one would assume these would include the costs, for example, of travelling about the world organising conferences and hob-nobbing with key political leaders in Commonwealth countries.

Marland is well connected in current government circles and the not for profit CWEIC has been apparently provided office space in the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Malborough House from which it organises its trade boosting events, which have been regularly held at Malborough House.

We have asked both the Commonwealth Secretariat and CWEIC for the details governing their arrangement.  We have asked the following questions:

“Could you provide the terms of the ‘mandate’ [given to CWEIC] and explain the circumstances under which Heads of Government executed it?

Can you also explain the parameters under which the CWEIC conducts its voluntary role and occupies a space in Malborough House and holds events there?  Are those events sponsored or subsidised by member governments and are there ticket prices or any other payments required of attendees?
Finally, are there any agreed rules governing the relationship between the members of CWEIC and the Commonwealth Secretariat regarding this not for profit role in boosting intra-Commonwealth trade?  In particular, for example, are there any agreed caveats with respect to possible conflicts of interest regarding the company members’ other business activities linked to Commonwealth countries involved with their Malborough House events?

As indicated in our previous article, Sarawak Report is anxious for these clarifications in light of the fact that a separate company, of which Lord Marland is a shareholder, has been pitching for election winning contracts that favour the present Malaysian Prime Minister and his ruling party.  Malaysia is described as a ‘Strategic Partner’ of CWEIC and the company has just opened a “hub” in KL.

SCL, which is the parent company of the disgraced outfit Cambrige Analytica, recently exposed for a plethora of dirty tricks, including the abuse of stolen Facebook ‘big data’ to secretly influence unwitting voters, also has an office in KL.  Sarawak Report has received extensive details of the company’s proposal before the past Sarawak State Election to use their covert techniques on behalf of the BN Government, to be paid for by Petronas.

Petronas has flatly denied any engagement in this contract or negotiations with SCL by their Group Strategic Communications department, even though this cooperation is referred to as being extensive in the documents.

SCL’s KL office has also denied involvement, as has the BN Government in a separate statement last week.  All sides are trying to blame former BN Menteri Besar instead, for allegedly engaging SCL for a poster campaign in Kedah in 2013.

Yet, Sarawak Report has received assurances via inside sources from Cambridge Analytica, many of whom have now spoken to the UK media, that the US$2.1 million contract did go ahead.  There are concerns that SCL’s continuing active operation in KL is therefore also engaged in voter manipulation exercises paid for by the BN government or its agents with an eye to the upcoming GE14.

A clear and obvious strategy for such a contract would for example be the mysteriously widely promoted and coordinated ‘Undi Rosak’ campaign, recently unleashed on young Malaysian voters through new media and the established BN dominated mainstream news outlets. The purpose of Undi Rosak is to encourage the youth vote to stay at home and not cast their ballot for either side.

BN polling has shown that it has a very low following amongst young voters, however the Prime Minister has come forward to claim he would rather encourage them to vote none-the-less.

Lobbying Abroad – Banning ‘Fake News’?

The effectiveness of such campaigning and of SCL’s ‘scientific strategies’ to secretly influence the electorate on behalf of their clients can be questioned.  However, there is no doubt that one crucial element of Najib’s fight back against corruption allegations has been to seek opportunities to present himself on domestic TV as a leader who continues “accepted” on the international stage.

Photo-shoots arranged with foreign leaders and trips abroad have made it easier for him to claim that the pending criminal charges over the grand kleptocracies of 1MDB and the Scorpene cases, amongst other issues, are all ‘Fake News’.

Time and again he has been exposed for hiring lobbyists to facilitate such ‘photo-ops’ and today he forced so-called “Anti-Fake News” legislation throught Parliament to ban all mention by Malaysians of the global corruption mega-scandals and investigations concerning him.

It is on this level that SCL’s Malaysia ties and its connection to the high profile Commonwealth activities of Lord Marland’s not for profit CWEIC becomes a potential matter of concern.  Just last November Lord Marland (the man who takes credit for bringing Malaysia’s investment in London’s Battersea Power Station development) undertook a visit to KL where he was hailed as a ‘great supporter of Malaysia’.

It was not pointed out at that time that he is also a shareholder of a company that has been paid to promote BN’s electoral chances.

Earlier, in 2016, Marland equally spearheaded the Malaysian Trade Conference at Malborough House, shortly after the DOJ had fingered Najib as ‘MO1′ [Malaysian Official One].  When questioned by British media over the inappropriate nature of the conference the peer claimed that there was no evidence to show Najib had anything to answer for.

He did not mention that his company SCL had been pitching for a US$2.1 million contract linked to boosting Najib in the Sarawak elections in the coming weeks.

More On Malaysia's Mysterious Links With SCL...

Malaysia with Malta – ‘Strategic Parners’ of CWEIC and clients of the election winning consultancy SCL

Likewise, a key ‘partner’ of CWEIC is the State of Malta, whose tarnished Prime Minister is also a client of SCL’s, according to information received by Sarawak Report.

Lord Marland has copiously praised Malta for its support in establishing CWEIC’s Commonwealth trade initiatives, along with five other ‘strategic partners’, one of which is also Malaysia.  Lord Marland was awarded the Order of Merit of Malta in 2015, but SCL’s contract appears not to have been mentioned in the Annual Review of CWEIC Limited.

Last year CWEIC Ltd went so far as to set up what it describes as a “Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council Hub” in Malaysia, headed by a full time Director Malaysia, a former trade official, Tony Collingridge.

More On Malaysia's Mysterious Links With SCL...

Event was described as a ‘Love In’ with Malaysia at Malborough House by Marland

Although the Malaysia Trade event (above) was described as “unofficial” by the British Government in 2016, several ministers none-the-less attended including Hugo Swire, then minister at the Foreign Office for South East Asia.  It provided a massive image boosting filip for the then beleagured Prime Minister fighting the Sarawak election, for which SCL had pitched for a million dollar contract to support him.

Last year Hugo Swire was dropped from the government and he now taken up a new post as the CEO of  CWEIC Ltd.

Sarawak Report asks, therefore, if the relationship which CWEIC Ltd has developed with the Commonwealth Secretariat, by staging trade events at Malborough House, has the potential to promote tainted political clients of SCL who are seeking re-election in their own countries?

For there is little doubt that the potential effectiveness of SCL’s ‘big data’ campaigns, which have the stated purpose of tricking voters to support its clients, bears little comparison to the importance of the image boosting value of a Trade Event at Malborough House to a tainted leader like Najib.

There is another planned CWEIC Trade event due there next month, at which ‘Malaysia’ is scheduled to send a delegation, just before the 14th General Election.

Sarawak Report suggests there is a valid concern that whilst the CWEIC Ltd work is not for profit, SCL sells its services for money and that its members are connected.

“A highlight of Lord Marland’s visit was his meetings with Malaysian Minister of Finance II, Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani and the Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.  Both were delighted to meet with us and be briefed on CWEIC’s activities in advance of CHOGM 2018. They expressed support for the goals of the CWEIC in Malaysia and more widely, and spoke encouragingly about our plans for the Commonwealth Business Forum.
We were also pleased to be able to meet with the Secretary-General of the Malaysian Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI) and his team, to discuss their strategic partnership with the CWEIC.
Overall it was a hugely worthwhile visit for both myself as Malaysia Director and Lord Marland, who is a great supporter of Malaysia. There is a great deal of follow-up to be done as the CWEIC is clear that Malaysia holds a key role in the region and will be integral to economic growth in south-east Asia. [Tony Collingridge, Director Malaysia, CWEIC Malaysia Visit November 2017]

There is a final concern, relating to SCL’s other capacity as a ‘private intelligence gathering company’ working for governments with military grade advisors on the collecting of evidence.

In late 2016 SCL’s Geneva operative, one Nicolas Giannakopoulos, invited the Editor of this blog and several Malaysian opposition politicians to a ‘seminar’ supposedly officially hosted by the University of Geneva.  In fact, as Sarawak Report exposed, the event was paid for by Giannakopoulos’s private businesses, which included his agency for SCL.

Sarawak Report and the opposition members of parliament found themselves pumped for information by Giannakopoulos about the progress of the 1MDB investigation and relationships between opposition groups.  The event was also attended by documentary film makers, whose project Sarawak Report also exposed had been infiltrated by Najib’s intelligence gatherers.

Sarawak Report is therefore concerned that the ties between this company, of which Lord Marland is a shareholder, and the BN government are potentially very extensive and relate not just to election consultancy but to the gathering of intelligence and the harassment of opposition folk and independent journalists targeted by Najib.

Given CWEIC’s high profile links to the Commonwealth Secretariat and quasi official status full disclosure on all potentially related or conflicting interests of the members of this private company is deemed appropriate.