Rules Are For Breaking? COMMENT

There are many popular aphorisms about rules and the law.  They reflect the rightful cynicism of law-abiding folk, when they discover that regulations, which are being harshly imposed on the majority, are being happily ignored by those in charge – the people who drew up the said rules.

Certain groups of people are said to have ‘risen above the law’, for example. There is ‘one rule for BN and another for everybody else’ is another.  Another way of putting it is ‘don’t do as I do, but do as I say’.  To sum it up, pretty much everyone in Malaysia now recognises that Najib and his party have become a ‘law unto themselves’.

Thus it has been that over the past days the country has been treated to a spectacle that surprised no one.  The opposition party Bersatu, led by Najib’s dangerous contender for power, Dr Mahathir, has been suspended by the Registrar of Societies for allegedly breaking the rules of its own constitution.

This has conveniently ruled Mahathir’s party out of contending in the election at the very last minute and he has been forced with his followers and colleagues to fight under PKR instead.

The violation in question was too vaguely explained by the Registrar for Sarawak Report (or anyone we have asked) to fully comprehend, but it seemed to have something to do with a complaint by certain members that elections that ought to be held within an agreed period had not taken place.

The party had responded that it had not yet been constituted long enough for the violations to have occured and that the claim was false (many suspected bogus BN plants within the new membership had raised the issue as a deliberate sabotage, since they left the party afterwards).

Different Rules For UMNO

Next, turn to a parallel complaint that has been raised by sixteen longstanding UMNO members against their own party, headed by Najib, which is a complaint that everyone in Malaysia can understand.

They complained that ever since the 1MDB scandal broke in 2015, after which Najib sacked his elected Deputy and replaced him with a new un-elected Deputy, UMNO’s annual leadership elections, which are enshrined in the party’s constitution, have been arbitrarily suspended.

By this method Najib has blocked any opportunity by the membership of his party to get rid of their famously corrupted leadership, should they so desire.  He has replaced the party’s democratic constitution with iron personal control.

Yet, faced with this latest and self-evidently valid parallel complaint, the ‘independent’ Registrar of Societies arrived an entirely different ruling.  She has opined that there has been no violation of the party’s constitution and that UMNO ought not to be suspended.

Moreover, the longstanding members, who had raised the issue, were then summarily sacked – their UMNO membership axed!

A mirror situation indeed, with the opposite outcome on each side.  One law for UMNO, to ensure permanent power, and another law for anyone that threatens it.

In the same way, UMNO and its friendly parties have been allowed to get away with plastering their flags and election paraphenalia all over the country, weeks before the official election period, called by their own leader.  Yet everyone else is obliged to wait and abide by the official rules.

The only action taken by law enforcers (ie the police) on this matter has been against infuriated citizens, who have been arrested for pulling down the illegal flags.

The Cops Won’t Help, So What About The Courts Instead?

Meanwhile, the lawyer representing those UMNO complainants, Hanif Katri, has now, quite justifiably lodged a legal action on their behalf.  He said the complainants had pointed out that the last day for UMNO branches to hold their elections was on Feb 28 and the last day for the supreme council and 191 divisions to function was April 19:

In a statement today, Haniff said the action filed by the 16 is on basis that the Umno Supreme Council had breached Article 10.16 of the party’s constitution in delaying its party elections until next year.

“Now, when the 16 have taken the Registrar of Societies and Umno to court, the very party constitution which the Umno supreme council has breached is being used to justify the ‘sacking’ of the members,” he said. [Malaysiakini]

Of course, one needs to go through the motions, but one in Malaysia has any doubt what the court system will decide.  A High Court judge may indeed find against what is evident breaking of the rules.  However, that would be appealed and everyone knows that Najib and UMNO do not lose in the higher courts.

There remains just one rare, ultimate court that might, just possibly, still be in a position to sort out the law-breakers who have put themselves in charge of Malaysia.  It sits on May 9th.


PAS Needs To Own Up Over It’s New Multi-Million Ringgit Cash Donors

Earlier this month, sources close to PAS’s financial dealings leaked details of an embarrassing financial transaction that reached a former PAS MP, now with Amanah.

The transaction was a recent drip feed of RM2.5 million in cash into two of PAS’s key party funds, that took place on 21st March.

Sarawak Report has received information from what it believes is a reliable source about what happened. On that date an individual, whose current official title describes him as being a special officer linked to a treasurer of UMNO, presented himself at a Bank Islam branch in KL clutching a bag of cash amounting to RM2.5 million.  As one does.

PAS Needs To Own Up Over It's New Multi-Million Ringgit Cash Donors

Cash injection into PAS

Without apparently batting an eye, this bank had proceeded to process the cash at his request into the two PAS accounts:

RM1.5 million went into the Tabung Pembangunan JPP PAS Pusat account number 1402 301002 8183 held at the bank, which is advertised in the party’s fundraising (right).

Another RM1 million went into a trust account managed by three prominent PAS leaders in Terengganu, who also control a private school that has started to receive large cheques under the government’s new policy of supporting PAS Islamic schools.

The three individuals were YB Saitiful Bahri Mamat, Shukrimun bin Shamsudin and Muhydin Abdul Rashid, according to material that has also been viewed by Sarawak Report.

PAS Needs To Own Up Over It's New Multi-Million Ringgit Cash Donors

The three have held a press conference to deny money from UMNO

PAS has denied that the money came from UMNO and it has refused to name the individual who walked into the bank.

However, on April 6th one of PAS’s most senior and vocal ex-members the MP Mahfuz Omar (who only resigned to join Amanah at the turn of the year) made the first of a series of statements about the transaction, naming Shamsul and asserting the money was from UMNO.  By the next day the details had appeared in an anti-PAS campaigning Facebook Page, named Ana Tahu.

PAS Needs To Own Up Over It's New Multi-Million Ringgit Cash Donors

The blog challenged PAS to deny the payments

The goading continued with more speeches and in other blogs, whilst certain pro-PAS outlets retaliated. Hadi’s close friend and self-professed proxy to Najib, the blogger RPK, for example, suggested that Dr Mahathir had paid the MP to tell this as a lie to assist in a London court case related to allegations of payments to PAS (involving Sarawak Report).

PAS Needs To Own Up Over It's New Multi-Million Ringgit Cash Donors

Early denials

However, in the past few days official PAS spokesmen have taken a different tack. The three Terengganu PAS account trust holders first held a press conference on April 16th to deny they had received any money from UMNO, accusing the MP of slander

“I want to make it clear that Terengganu State Pas denounces the allegations and defamation that PAS Terengganu has earned from Umno..That is an accusation, a false slander made against Terengganu Pas” [Satiful Bahri Mamat, Malaysian Dateline, translated]

However, at a Sinar Harian sponsored conference the following day the PAS central committee member Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki clarified somewhat further.

It was correct, he acknowledged in the recorded session, that these two payments were indeed made by an individual on 21st March into the two PAS party accounts as alleged (he apparently did not deny or explain why the huge payments were made in cash).

However, he said it was a lie and calumny to say that the payments were from UMNO.

PAS Needs To Own Up Over It's New Multi-Million Ringgit Cash Donors

Dr Zuhdi (right) explains

“This was a donation from an individual, not from Umno. It did not come from the Umno office,” Zuhdi told a forum organised by Sinar Harian in Shah Alam yesterday.
Expressing gratitude to the donor, Zuhdi, however, did not name the individual.
“That is why we say ‘thank you’ to the person who donated – thank you.
“After this, if there is anyone who wants to donate RM5 million, Alhamdulillah,” he added. [Malaysiakini]

PAS is therefore now acknowledging that whilst their former senior member, Mahfuz Omar MP, had indeed received correct and detailed information about these recent extraordinary cash deposits of two and a half million ringgit, he had chosen to  twist one key fact, by lying about the identity of the individual who had staggered into the bank with the donation.

The donor was an individual (clearly a highly wealthy and generous individual) PAS now accepts, but the party is not prepared to acknowledge who he is.  On the other hand Dr Zuhdi, on behalf of PAS, has categorically denied the individual represents UMNO or that the money originally came from UMNO.  They expect Malaysians to take this matter on trust, end of story.

Sarawak Report would like to point out that this half-way position is simply not good enough when discussing such enormous sums of money coming into a political party.  Malaysians have already started drawing parallels with the coy refusal of Prime Minister Najib to name the alleged Arab prince who he claims donated him a billion ringgit, that the US Department of Justice says it has traced back to money stolen from 1MDB.

PAS claims it has higher standards and its President has just announced that it is the ‘clean party’ in this election. Therefore, surely such a refusal to name major cash donors is unnacceptable?

The benchmark for any properly run democratic party the world over is that the sources of large donations must be openly declared, for reasons that are obvious and numerous, but which all relate to the avoidance of tainted money and undue political influence by hidden interests.

PAS Needs To Own Up Over It's New Multi-Million Ringgit Cash Donors

Ensuring transparency – the way it is done in Britain

Much as people might wish to believe politicians who declare themselves to be holier and cleaner than other politicians, those politicians ought nonetheless lead by example and open up their books in a proper and transparent manner, before brazenly asking for a further RM5 million from more ‘individuals’ as Dr Zudhi did yesterday.

Certainly, less wealthy PAS members can think about putting their money back in their pockets.  When asked how the party was going to fund the RM34 million it will cost to fight a record 160 seats (more even than UMNO itself) leaders explained that each of its million members should pay RM34 each.

It seems the party can in fact rely on a small number of individuals to do the job and is succeeding in raising mega-donations in a manner it has famously been unable to do in the past.

So, there is a simple way to stop the slander.  Name the individual who walked in with RM2.5 million in cash and deposited it in your bank account or give the money back.

UK Calls On Malaysia to Accept Election Monitoring And Condemns Fake News and Boundary Laws! EXCLUSIVE

UK Calls On Malaysia to Accept Election Monitoring And Condemns Fake News and Boundary Laws! EXCLUSIVE

Ann Clwyd holds UK FO to account over dealings with Najib

Following a visit to KL the UK Foreign Office Minister Mark Field has made a stinging condemnation of Najb’s latest moves to fix the election and to suppress criticism through his so-called ‘Fake News’ law.

Answering questions tabled at the end of March by the veteran Malaysia-watcher Ann Clwyd MP on Tuesday evening, the Minister, who has responsibility for matters relating to Britain and Malaysia, called on Malaysia to accept external election monitoring in the up-coming election, something the Malaysian Prime Minister has consistently refused to allow.

Although couched in the usual diplomatic language, the responses by the Minister represent an unprecedented put-down by the British Government, which has till this point remained one of Najib’s most solid allies as global corruption scandals have unravelled.

Clwyd had asked whether the British Secretary of State had made representations on the potential effect on freedom of speech of the Fake News law in Malaysia; the effect of the latest gerrymandering of constituencies on the veracity of the general election in that country and what over-all assessment the minister has made of the political situation in Malaysia in the run-up to general elections?

In his response to the first point, Mark Field expressed Britain’s formal concern and disapproval not only over the Fake News law itself, but also the way it was undemocratically forced through in a matter of hours, without meaningful scrutiny or due process.  He went on to pointedly confirm that the UK is working together with other European nations in the EU to monitor the situation closely:

“The UK regularly highlights its firm commitment to freedom of speech and expression. I am concerned about the potential effect that the new Anti-Fake News Bill could have on freedom of expression in Malaysia, and about the fact that this Bill was passed without meaningful public consultation or debate. We are monitoring developments closely, working with EU and other foreign partners and stand ready to make any necessary representations.”

Meanwhile, Najib Razak has notably failed to present himself at the key biennial Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in London this week.  The last minute no show means that Malaysia has effectively ruled itself out of taking over as the Chair of the event in 2020, which till this point had been expected to take place in KL.  

UK Calls On Malaysia to Accept Election Monitoring And Condemns Fake News and Boundary Laws! EXCLUSIVE

Foreign Office Minister Mark Field

It represents an enormous blow to Najib, who coverts international recognition, and Sarawak Report has surmised that in the wake of the 1MDB scandal, followed by Najib’s hardline measures to protect himself, the situation had simply become too embarassing for other Commonwealth nations to accept. 

In his second answer, responding to the outrageous re-delineations again rushed through in a violation of due process by Najib, Field revealed that he had himself visited KL the previous week and it seems impossible not to conclude that these matters were not discussed during those meetings.  The outcome appears to have been the decision to drop Najib as the prospective Chair in waiting for CHOGM 2020:

“​On my visit to Malaysia last week, I heard about concerns related to the electoral boundary changes introduced by the Election Commission. We will be monitoring their impact, and have discussed the importance of free and fair elections with the Malaysian government at the highest levels.”

Field went on to reveal that Britain has now formally urged the Malaysian Government to accept something Najib Razak has doggedly refused to allow, despite persistent requests from the opposition parties and NGO campaigners, in particular the internationally respected clean election group, Bersih:

​”We continue to follow the political situation in Malaysia closely. During my visit to Kuala Lumpur last week, I heard about the recent changes to constituency boundaries and the passing of the Anti-Fake News Bill. I recognise that there are concerns related to both issues. The UK continues to stress the importance of free and fair elections and open and vibrant political debate. We have also encouraged Malaysia to invite external election observers, in advance of the 9 May election.

Malaysia’s caretaker government may continue its course for the remainder of this election period, denying the undeniable and criminalising honest reporting and criticism online.

 However, voters need to realise that outside of their propaganda bubble, the rest of the world has got the measure of Najib Razak and blackballed his kleptocracy, presenting very severe consequences of loss of trust in the wider nation were he to persist in power post May 9th.

How Is GE14 Being Funded?

Over the past eighteen months Sarawak Report has released investigation details, which showed exactly how Prime Minister Najib Razak funded his political allies and elections expenses during the previous election, known as GE13.

These ‘expenses’ included tens of millions paid to the producers of ‘gift bags’ to be handed out to voters; huge payments to various political analysts and social media expert and hundreds of millions paid to affiliated parties and UMNO itself.

There were also multi-million dollar payments made to Najib’s various lawyers (including Shafee Abdullah, central to the later imprisonment of the opposition leader) and to Najib’s close crony from Sarawak, Bustari Yusof, widely recognised as the man behind BN’s funding in the East Malaysian state.

Investigation papers drawn up by the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC), who were looking into money misappropriated from 1MDB, showed that these payments were all channelled by Najib from a handful of bank accounts, which have already been identified as the recipients of money stolen from the development fund 1MDB.

Specifically, these included the AmBank ‘MR’ account no: 2112022009694, identified by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) has having been the direct recipient of a US$681 million payment in March 2013 that had been stolen a matter of a few days earlier from a bond issue raised by 1MDB for $3 billion.

They also included payments from a group of other accounts in the name of Najib, which had been publicly identified by the MACC investigations as having received millions of ringgit channelled from the 1MDB subsidiary SRC under the guise of ‘Corporate Social Reponsibility’ (CSR) payments.

Najib has of course denied these findings, claiming that the DOJ report is ‘Fake News’ and the CSR payments were a mistake. He has announced the $681 million was part of a series of donations from a mystery Arab well-wisher. The Attorney General Najib drafted in at the height of the scandal has concurred with this approach and has not asked the Prime Minister to repay the money ‘mistakenly’ channelled from SRC.

How Is GE14 Being Funded?

How AG Apandi undermined his own statement ‘clearing’ Najib, by holding up the investigation papers with the money trail that proved money went into Najib’s account!

Sarawak Report has published a number of articles showing the details of the above payments from Najib’s accounts, to which we link to below.  In response, some of the alleged recipients have denied they received the money, whilst others have admitted it and stated they saw no wrong in receiving money from the Prime Minister and political ally. Most have remained quiet.

No one has filed any form of official complaint over the figures we have printed, which we explained were leaked from the MACC investigations.

What this shows is that BN found it necessary to spend hundreds of millions of ringgit in excess of the allowed limits on election expenditures on GE13, which was either stolen from the Malaysian public or offered by a mysterious foreign power (take your pick).

That was BEFORE Najib Razak was internationally exposed as a kleptocrat and the falling ringgit, rising prices and introduction of GST made life far more miserable than before for most Malaysians.  It was BEFORE a number of Najib’s most senior and respected political allies marched over in disgust to join the opposition.

Sarawak Report therefore suggests that the likelihood that BN and its frightened leader will aim to spend as much if not even MORE on this election, attempting to bribe and manipulate the election, is high.

And that money is inevitably going to again come from the public funds that this PM cum FM currently controls (unless you choose to believe there are further foreign leaders willing to pop their hands in their pockets produce another billion dollars).

There have been numerous well-founded concerns and investigations into the management of several of Malaysia’s most significant public funds over the past five years, as everyone is more than painfully aware.  Billions have disappeared from FELDA and Mara under suspicious circimstances and fire-salees of foreign properties bought by other funds are now taking place.  Sarawak Report has raised concerns about other funds, which have not been satisfactorilly or fully answered.

As the notes start circulating around BN’s ceramah’s once again or round the backs of polling stations, people need to remember a number of things:

First, that they are being offered back a mere fraction of their own stolen cash they are receiving back in return for allowing the thieves to retain the keys to the savings funds meant to support pensions, pilgramages and many other welfare programmes for the benefit of all – ‘dedak’ from the real booty that will go into fancy cars, homes, investments and more for the chosen inner circles of BN.

Second, that if they accept the money and then vote the other way there is actually nothing BN can do about it.

Third, that if a new government is returned, one of its more pleasurable priorities will involve retreiving as much as possible of the stolen cash, including the nearly two billion dollars being presently guarded by the United States and Switzerland.  That can be used to help repair the damage done by these election orgies indulged in by Najib.

Najib’s Gives Up On Plans For Commonwealth Glory

It is now clear from several sources that the Malaysian caretaker Prime Minister, Najib Razak, has scrapped plans to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in London and at Windsor Castle this week.

He will not be turning up as planned for meetings on 19th nor attending the so-called Business Forum organised his friend, Lord Marland, who is a shareholder of the private limited company that goes by the name of The Commonwealth Enterprise & Investment Council (he describes himself as Chairman).

If he had, there was a certainty that he would have been met with protests by the considerable population of Malaysian activists in London, furious over the latest crackdowns in Malaysia, including blatant moves to favour Najib’s chances even further at the coming election.

However, this is unlikely to have been the deciding factor in his decision to stay away, which effectively means he is surrendering long-held plans for Malaysia to take over as the next host for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting due in 2020, which was due to be held in Kuala Lumpur.

Under this anticipated plan, Najib would have expected, in the event of an election win, to have basked in the considerable prestige of being the host of this major multi-nation event – and designated as Chairman of the proceedings.

However, Sarawak Report understands that, despite Najib’s continuing strong relationships with British businessmen regarded as having clout in Whitehall and with the present day government, such an outcome has  increasingly become regarded as a potentially intolerable embarrassment to Britain and the rest of its Commonwealth allies.

With criminal proceedings looming in the United States over 1MDB and the recent crackdowns on democracy and the disgraceful passing of the so-called Fake News Law, blatantly designed to outlaw discussion of the scandal, the Commonwealth of Nations and the Queen were facing the opprobrium of being hosted in 2020 by a world famous kleptocrat as the figure-head of their union of shared values.

Somebody tactful was going to have to tell Najib that he would have to step away from attempting that scenario and that the first move would be to remove his presence from this  prior meeting in London.  After all, it is traditional practice that the handover for the next event takes place at the preceding conference and that the presence of the next host is therefore required at that event.

By staying away from London this April, Najib has effectively ruled out Malaysia from taking over as the Commonwealth’s next Chair in 2020, despite the write-ups already prepared online.  He has the perfect excuse, as suave Whitehall officials will have consolingly advised – after all, he is in the middle of a ‘democratic election’, which involves all the sweat and effort of prolonged campaigning (not quite true, given Najib has cut the campaign to one working week, but nearly).

Fiji is now tipped to be the country to step forward as the 2020 hosts.  Deep sighs of relief from Britain’s Foreign & Commonwealth officials, who have already been fielding parliamentary questions over the embarrassing affair.  However, more shame, unfortunately for Malaysia, thanks to their kleptocrat PM.

When Shameful Shifts To Downright Desperate

The last few days have left Malaysia’s ‘problematic’ prime minister with few secrets over how he rates his chances in the coming election.  Were he to play fair in a clean contest against the re-energised opposition, he plainly reckons he has no chance of winning.

There can be no other reason behind his ditching of the basic rule book and embarking on a series of breath-taking and blatant exercises in cheating.  Malaysians have been left outraged, but enlighted also.

They have now realised that Najib is not just shameless, he is also desperate.

Sarawak Report need not list the violations, since they have been on everybody’s lips. No other PM facing an election has felt the need to stoop so low.  However, they include railroading though a gerrymander that would enable him to win more seats with just 16% of the vote (as long as BN’s traditional supporters remain); suspending one of the main opposition parties the day after calling the election; banning the opposition coalition; banning the face of his main opponent from posters and publicity; changing polling day to the middle of the week (on the basis a low turnout is said to favour BN) and reducing the campaign period to an unprecedented and ridiculous 11 days, so that he can unleash a blitz of controlled propaganda and the usual handouts of stolen public money and then rush to the polls.

Of course, thanks to another new law, bulldozed through in the past few days, all of the above remarks can now be categorised as “Fake News”, along with any factual criticism of the government, subject to a six year jail term.  That law comes into operation this very day, so let’s see who gets arrested and who decides what is “Fake” and what is not.

The logic of all this shameless behaviour on the part of those in the Putrajaya bunker, is that come their manufactured ‘victory’ off the back of this litany of abuses, history can be re-written – by themselves.  There will be tearful victory parties planned, where the would-be election snatchers will congratulate themselves and thank a fictitious ‘majority’ of Malaysians for their ‘vote of confidence’.

Most crucially, Najib will declare himself ‘vindicated’ in the eyes of his people and before the world. He will crow that the ‘overwhelming support’ of the electorate has exonerated him and his wife and sons of their obvious crimes and their gargantuan thefts of public money.

Malaysians, he will claim, have shown they don’t care a fig that the man with the key to all the public financies, who has been splashing mysterious cash like rainwater throughout the campaign, is a known super-thief and blatant liar.  And if Malaysians allegedly don’t care what rights do critics have to criticise him?

He will claim that he, together with his wife, has been given a status above the law to steal what ever they like, cover up any crime they want and generally to treat the country as if they owned it.

This is how he reckons his desperate gamble will pay out.  Once he has validated himself through an election win, he will be able to set himself up to be untouchable.  From then on it will become impossible to dislodge him and all his critics will join Anwar in jail – because, of course, he will find a way to prevent Anwar from ever getting out.

However, by showing himself to be so desperate, by adopting such extreme tactics and by abandoning all normal precedents to force through a ‘win’, Najib is also revealing to everyone around just how dangerous a prospect he represents.  He is a man who needs to end the rule of law, just so that he can keep out of jail.  And, as everyone can see,  when a desperate criminal grabs the reins of power, the country faces serious peril.

It is this that makes his entire present strategy extremely risky, because it could still backfire and disgust even the most solid supporters of his party.  Years of traditional loyalty to BN may simply melt away.

Whatever the stolen money he distributes, whatever the threats to public servants and whatever the obstacles to the opposition, ordinary people are beginning to recognise the danger of voting back Najib.

And they have an alternative that is palatable still.  Mahathir may have been forced under another banner, but he can still fight this election.  BN voters, during these unprecedented and unnerving times, may well choose to put their trust instead in the tried and tested former BN team that successfully managed the country without great scandal for many years.  People driven by Najib from the party he now leads.

After all, who gets on a plane or ship where the crew has admitted there is a ‘problematic skipper’ if there is a known safe alternative?

This is why Najib’s ruthless, desperate and illegal attempts to snatch this election by any means may work against him further, by convincing even more people to return to a safe pair of hands and to ditch Malaysia’s Bonnie & Clyde duo once and for all.

A Huge Thank You To Our Wonderful Supporters Over PAS vs Sarawak Report

Sarawak Report wants to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed with amazing generosity and support towards financing our defence of the legal action brought by the PAS Islamic Party President, Hadi Awang, who has sued Sarawak Report for saying that many believe that the new apparent alliance between PAS and UMNO owes considerably to Najib directing funds into the upper echelons of his party.

As the evidence accumulates we are standing firm against his denial of our right to report this matter, so that he can make his case before a British court, despite the months of villification, intimidation and overt government backing that has been designed to pressure and intimidate this site and our witnesses.

We need your support to help meet the bills created by Hadi’s decision to fight this costly legal action and we are, thanks to that support, powering towards our target with a third of the money raised within just four days of our 3o day window.  Please pass this message and this link on to your friends and ask them to match your own wonderful contributions.

Also, nightbirds can join us on Saturday evening London time for the live stream of the panel discussion “Is Democracy in Danger?” – alternatively later on youtube, courtesy of the Monsoon Bookclub.  Watch their space!

A Huge Thank You To Our Wonderful Supporters Over PAS vs Sarawak Report

Join the debate or watch via the Monsoon Book Club youtube feed



KUALA LUMPUR— Police are investigating a video showing a man removing Barisan Nasional (BN) flags in Taman Tun Dr Ismail that was shared online.

City police chief Datuk Mazlan Lazim said three reports were lodged in the area including one by the witness on Saturday.

“The suspect should have informed to Kuala Lumpur City Hall to take action if he was unsatisfied but instead took matters into his own hand,” he said at the City police Contingent Headquarters today.

Political party flags and banners may not yet be installed as the official campaign period for the 14th general election has not begun and is pending the Election Commission’s (EC) announcement of the official nomination and polling dates.

He said police have not made arrests and urged those with further information to contact investigators.

The case is being investigated under Section 427 of the Penal Code for committing mischief and damage of at least RM25,000 in value.

Segambut Umno Youth division chief Ahmad Baidzawi Saleh confirmed in a Harian Metro report today that he lodged a report at TTDI police station around 3pmyesterday.

The 41-second video is believed to have been recorded by a motorist along Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi around 10.30am on Saturday.

In it, a man is shown removing BN flags by the roadside near the TTDI police station when the motorist approached him.

The man then responded with vulgar gestures after realising he was being recorded by the motorist, and continued removing several more flags up the road.






SEMPORNA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak (pic) says he was “really hurt” by Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal’s actions in 2016.

“I was disappointed that when certain situations arose, Shafie stabbed me in the back… I still feel the pain, especially because it was done by a close friend,” said Najib.

Shafie, the five-term Semporna MP, left Umno and formed Parti Warisan Sabah in 2016 to take on Barisan Nasional.

Speaking at a gathering here on Monday (April 9), Najib said a leader is only as strong as the support he gets from his party, and that a party can only be strong if there is loyalty to the leader.

“As the Prime Minister, I know that I’m not strong because of the name ‘Najib Razak’, but because of the three million Umno supporters behind me,” he said.

Najib said he had entrusted Mohd Shafie to bring development to the state as the rural and regional development minister but claimed that the latter did not heed his advice to work with Sabah Chief Minister Tan Sri Musa Aman.

“I gave extraordinary opportunities to Shafie to become the first Umno vice president from Sabah,” said Najib.

The Barisan chairman is on a two-day visit to east part of Sabah and will visit Tawau and Semporna.

It is his first leg of a tour since Barisan launched its manifesto on Saturday, which pledged to realise by consensus the rights of Sabah and Sarawak under the Malaysia Agreement 1963.

In the last general election, Barisan won the Semporna parliamentary seat and the three state seats, Senallang, Bugaya and Sulabayan.

But in 2016, Mohd Shafie formed Warisan with Sulabayan assemblyman Datuk Dr Jaujan Sambakong joining his party.

Senallang and Bugaya remained in Umno’s fold and are represented by Datuk Seri Nasir Sakaran and Datuk Ramlee Marhaban respectively.





KUALA KANGSAR — Politicians taking part in the general election must conduct themselves with civility and maturity, said Perak’s Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah today.

He told all political parties to ensure that public order and safety as well as communal harmony are not endangered in any way during the run-up to the 14th general election.

During a special ceremony at the Istana Iskandariah where he gave royal consent to dissolve the state assembly, Sultan Nazrin also decreed that sensitive matters such as race, religion, culture, and language must not be used for political capital during the polls.

“At all times, it must be ensured that no words are said, no actions taken that can trigger discord among the people,” he said.

“The nation’s safety and public order are too valuable to be sacrificed for short term political goals.”

He described elections as an inalienable right that must always be respected and cherished.

Citing experiences from the 13th general election, the Sultan said it was imperative to ensure that the polls are held peacefully and with decorum.

He also called for the country’s security forces be allowed to perform their duties faithfully and without interference.

The Perak Ruler then reminded law enforcement agencies of their responsibility to act without fear and favour, as well as their pledged loyalty to defend the King and country.

“The Election Commission (EC) must also carry out their duties with integrity in a transparent and professional manner to ensure the election is not disputed.

“All responsible parties should cooperate to allow the EC to carry out their duties as well as possible.”

Sultan Nazrin Shah later expressed his appreciation for the service of Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Zambry Abdul Kadir, state executive councillors, and lawmakers since 2013.